String Test Facility

Why are we so confident in the performance and reliability of our LM6000 gas turbines? Because we run every one of them through its paces at our full, plant level string test facility, prior to customer delivery. This unique test facility features its own load bank system, allowing our aero experts the ability to test a turbine at full load with the freedom of being decoupled from the grid.


  • Plant level string test facility for LM6000 gas turbines and packages
  • Capable of testing both 50 and 60 Hz turbines
  • Featuring a load bank system capable of testing the full capacity range of each gas turbine without restrictions from the grid
  • Used for validation testing of new or improved gas turbine technology
  • Located on ProEnergy’s US based, Sedalia Missouri campus

Our Approach

Beyond the typical engine test stand, this complete package string test facility allows PROENERGY to test engines in real-world scenarios utilizing the same package, systems and controls that will ultimately be installed in the field.

Our ability to test the complete package works to eliminate in-field start-up and commissioning issues, while mitigating potential scheduling variables.

Our full plant test facility shares the campus with our Aero Depot, allowing our expert team the ability, and agility to thoroughly test overhauled LM6000 turbines prior to customer shipment. PROENERGY’s test facility also provides a proving ground for new technologies and performance optimization so we are always ready to meet our customers next challenge.

Our Expertise

Our Experience

Quote From the CEO

Jeff Canon

Jeff Canon

President & CEO

35+ Years of Experience

“Running a fully functional LM6000 string test facility in the United States is a unique advantage for the industry and PROENERGY, giving us a technological and engineering advantage as we push the limits ofthe LM6000 product capability and test new or improved gas turbine technology.”