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PowerFLX Solutions

Built for the rigors of peaking power applications, PowerFLX 50 is a complete, modular, power package, precision engineered to deliver benchmark performance and reliability with unprecedented life-cycle value.

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Leveraging the unrivaled reliability of the LM6000 aeroderivative technology, ProEnergy has designed the PowerFLX 50 as a fully engineered and standardized modular power plant, including mechanical and electrical balance of plant. Standardizing the entire plant design eliminates variability, dramatically decreases costs through economies of scale and allows for faster installation.

High Voltage

ProEnergy is committed to providing the most comprehensive high voltage solutions in the Power Generation industry— from construction, maintenance and testing, to emergency outage and failure recovery.

ProEnergy provides the first cost-effective, complete plant solution designed specifically for flexible peaking power applications. Unlike the high capacity cost of other peaking solutions, the PowerFLX 50 is a true renewable energy enabler – providing the flexible peaking power required for companies to meet and exceed renewable energy targets while maintaining grid reliability and continuing to drive down overall generation costs.

Turbine Parts Inventory

ProEnergy provides replacement parts for all major Aeroderivative and Heavy Industrial Gas Turbine technologies. We can also deliver, install, and maintain every item that we sell.