Turbine Overhaul Services

Turbine Refurbishment , Overhauls and Packaging Solutions

ProEnergy's Turbine Overhaul Services are setting industry standards for comprehensive assessment, repair, and optimization of Aeroderivative and Heavy Industrial Turbines. We also have the capability to engineer, design and fabricate packages for most turbine engines. From scheduled maintenance to emergency outages, our expert team can improve efficiency, extend asset life, and maximize performance on all of your turbine and equipment assets.



  • Quicker response time to unplanned outages
  • Faster service turnaround resulting in minimal downtime
  • Menu-driven flexibility tailored to your specifications
  • Extensive inventory of new, repaired, and overhauled parts
  • Innovative management and tracking of assets
  • One centrally-located Aero Depot, Heavy Industrial Turbine and Packaging facility

ProEnergy can support a variety of services:


Bob Bosse

Vice President Aeroderivative Turbine Services

Sedalia, MO



Our Expertise
Our Approach

Our certified technicians begin with a thorough analysis of our client's turbine equipment.  We always consult with the client to understand their operating profile so that we can suggest ways to help maximize the efficiency of their assets.  We build a comprehensive list of recommended services, both immediate and future—always taking into account equipment age, fired hours, plant environment, budget, and timelines.  Our menu-driven flexibility means you'll never pay for a service you don't need, giving you the operational advantage by minimizing downtime and dollar-per-fired-hour maintenance costs.

From a single rotable hot section to a major overhaul—our innovative processes and comprehensive expertise ensure every project is executed with precision.  Backed by state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive inventory of new, repaired, and overhauled turbine parts, our team boasts unmatched quality and turnaround times.

Our Experience

What turbines can you service?

We can service most all aeroderivative and heavy industrial turbines through our centrally located campus. Contact us today and see how ProEnergy is your single-source solution provider.

What other services or inspections do you provide?

We provide the following inspections and services:

  • Emergency Outage Maintenance
  • Borescope Inspections
  • Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Alignment Verification
  • Package Inspections & Maintenance
  • Rotable Hot Sections
  • Rotable Fuel Nozzles
  • Rotable Modules
  • Condition-based Overhauls
  • Turbine Removal & Installation
  • Component Replacement