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ProEnergy Acts Quickly To Minimize Downtime

SEDALIA, Mo. (April 28, 2016) – While performing scheduled hot section maintenance on an LM6000PC gas turbine engine at a client’s power plant in Florida this month, ProEnergy’s Field Service Technicians observed a major internal lube oil leak on the engine’s compressor rear frame. The Technicians quickly diagnosed the problem, removed the unit and shipped it to ProEnergy’s Level 4 Aero Depot in Sedalia, Missouri for repairs.

Upon arrival, the Aero Depot team initiated actions to induct the engine and begin repair work. They staged the additional needed parts for implementing SB307 which replaces existing lube oil manifold hardware inside the CRF. The Hot Section replacement work was also shifted to the Aero shop instead of being performed in the field, since the engine was in a more controlled environment.

All of the shop work was completed in less than 48 hours, the engine was reassembled and the unit was shipped back to the plant. ProEnergy’s Field Service Technicians reinstalled the unit, and following turbine alignment, returned the unit to service. This work, including removal, shipments, all maintenance and repair work, installation and plant commissioning, was accomplished in 8 days.

“Our technical experts and skilled crews worked a rigorous schedule through the nights and one weekend to remove, receive, complete the necessary work and return the unit to service,” said Bob Bosse, Vice President of ProEnergy’s Aero Depot. “Our Depot is fully tooled and staffed to support any issues that arise on LM engines, from maintenance to complete overhauls. We offer menu-driven flexibility so that our clients never pay for services they don’t need, which helps minimize costs and downtime as seen on this project.”

ProEnergy is responsible for the construction, management, operations, maintenance, and repair services for energy generation facilities and equipment around the world. ProEnergy has U.S. offices in Sedalia, Missouri; Houston, Texas; and Fort Collins, Colorado; and international locations in a number of countries including Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Angola. More information is available on ProEnergy’s website at
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