Plant Commissioning Support

ProEnergy staffs a variety of Plant Commissioning Support service positions, both short- and long-term. Whether you are at the beginning or toward the end of your project, our highly-skilled professionals can help ensure your plant is fully operational on first fire. From start-up managers to operation leads, and electrical technicians to training coordinators, ProEnergy will help meet your operational goals.

We staff for the following Plant Commissioning Support positions:

  • Start-up (S/U) Manager

  • Lead Mechanical Start-up Engineer

  • Mechanical Start-up Engineer

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Lead Electrical Start-up Engineer

  • Electrical Start-up Engineer

  • Electrical Technician

  • Lead I/C Start-up Engineer

  • I/C Start-up Engineer

  • I/C Technician

  • DCS Engineer

  • PLC Engineer

  • PLC Technician

  • Operations Lead

  • Control Room Operator (CRO)

  • Outside/Water Treatment Operator

  • Training Coordinator

  • Technical Writer

  • Performance Engineer

  • Warranty Engineer

  • Turnover Coordinator