Worthington Gas Compressor

OEM:  Worthington

Model:  RDS2

Equipment Details:

Compressor Make and Model: Worthington RDS2
Compressor Condition: New
Suction Pressure PSI: 225
Discharge Pressure PSI: 510
Flow MMSCFD: 19
Unit Count: 3
Motor Make and Model: TECO Westinghouse
Rebuilt Frame 8110 S HSTC
Motor HP: 1,250
Voltage kW: 4,160
Frequency Hz: 60
Stages: 1
Throws: 2
Stroke: 5.5"
Cylinders: 11.5"
Aftercooler: Electric Motor Driven Fan
Intercooler: None
Cooler Location: Remote
Control Panel: Unit Mounted

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