Power Plant Technical Services

Plant Lay-up and Plant Decommissioning

ProEnergy supports projects through their entire life cycle which includes plant lay-up or plant decommissioning. ProEnergy’s experience with start-up and commissioning directly translates back into correctly taking facilities out of service for short or long-term shutdowns. Our focus is protecting the assets as required by the client. ProEnergy’s team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, cross-trained to manage plant decommissioning tasks. All ProEnergy team members possess extensive field experience in power generation facilities and are highly trained in their particular field of expertise. Our start-up team typically consists of a project manager, lead engineers, engineers, turnover coordinator, scheduler, craft labor and technical field advisors.

ProEnergy’s team will develop the plant decommissioning plan using proven processes and procedures, which will include the following:

  • Review the Project Safety Plan
  • Complete Asset Inspections
  • Manage Post-shutdown Testing
  • Develop Lay-up/Decommissioning Procedures
  • Develop a Facility Remediation Plan
  • Develop test standards
  • Define the Lay-up Maintenance Process
  • Provide Staffing Plans and Arrangements

ProEnergy offers lay-up and decommissioning services on a worldwide basis on various technologies such as, Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facilities, Coal Fired Facilities, Wind, Solar, CHP, Biomass, and Geothermal.