Technical Services

From project initiation through end of service support, PROENERGY’s Power Plant Technical Services team guides our clients through every aspect of their project. From start-up and commissioning to training and CMMS implementation, our knowledgeable team focuses on improving overall plant operations. With proven industry experience, the team will equip our clients with the skills a plant needs to operate at the highest efficiency level.


  • Extensive experience creating and implementing CMMS systems for plant operations worldwide
  • Knowledgeable and accomplished start-up technicians servicing numerous technologies
  • Increased safety and staff knowledge through industry-leading training programs
  • Integrated, simplified technical service management and implementation

Our Approach

Our clients have access to our in-depth technical experience, tools and processes to assess, operate, maintain and decommission their energy assets. With proven experience, we offer programs and training for: Procedures, Plant Assessment, Start-up & Commissioning, Plant Lay-up & Decommissioning, and CMMS Implementation. Through our custom-developed programs, PROENERGY sets the bar for the Power Generation industry.

Our Expertise

Our Experience

In which areas can ProEnergy help my plant operation?

  • Plant Assessments
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • CMMS Implementation
  • Training for both your operations team and your maintenance team
  • Procedure Development
  • Plant Lay-up and Decommissioning
Project Experience
  • Owner  Teton Industrial
  • Customer  
  • Name  Kennedy Generating Station
  • Location  Jacksonville, FL
  • Size  
  • Technology  GE 7FA
  • Scope  Startup and Commissioning
  • Owner  PSEG
  • Customer  
  • Name  Burlington, Kearny, Linden, Essex
  • Location  New Jersey
  • Size  
  • Technology  GE 7EA and GE LM6000
  • Scope  CMMS Implementation, Operating Procedures
  • Owner  SDG&E
  • Customer  
  • Name  Mira Mar
  • Location  San Diego
  • Size  
  • Technology  GE LM6000
  • Scope  CMMS Implementation, Operating Procedures
  • Owner  Toshiba
  • Customer  
  • Name  Various
  • Location  USA (44), Mexico (1), Italy (3), Egypt (2), England (1)
  • Size  
  • Technology  STG
  • Scope  Site Training, Advance Controls, Advance Operations
  • Owner  Xcel
  • Customer  
  • Name  Angus Anson and Blue Lake
  • Location  Angus Anson, SD and Blue Lake, SD
  • Size  
  • Technology  GE 7FA
  • Scope  Operating Procedures