Turbine Overhaul Services

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine - AeroAdvantage

ProEnergy’s AeroAdvantage provides comprehensive assessment, repair, and optimization of your aeroderivative gas turbine. Our certified technicians are able to perform a full teardown and inspection of your turbines assets. From a single rotable hot section, major overhauls and repairs, to the extensive parts and sales options offered by our AeroAdvantage division— our innovative processes and comprehensive expertise ensure every project is executed with precision.

Working within our state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive inventory of new, repaired, and overhauled turbine parts, our customers are involved with the decision process. Whether we install new parts, repaired/refurbished parts, or in some cases simply replace all serviceable parts, you can be assured we will improve the operation of your assets.

What aeroderivative gas turbine can you service?

Notable turbines serviced: GE LM2500 and LM6000, as well as field service repairs on the Pratt and Whitney’s FT8

What services or inspections do you provide in the AeroDepot?

We provide the following inspections and services:

  • Emergency Outage Maintenance
  • Borescope Inspections
  • Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Alignment Verification
  • Rotable Hot Sections
  • Rotable Fuel Nozzles
  • Rotable Modules
  • Condition-based Overhauls
  • Turbine Removal & Installation
  • Component Replacement